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Crazy Seasons

A memory game about every-day plants, including leaves, fruits and harvesting season.

Crazy Seasons is a memory game in which players not only have to remember where the pair card is but also the season to which it corresponds! The goal of the game is to learn to associate each fruit and leaf to its trees and corresponding season. You will know the environment better and also when to pick the most delicious seasonal fruits. Yummy!

Illustrations made of and on recycled paper. Printed on recycled paper. Bag 100% organic cotton- produced in Spain.


A game about bees and bee-eaters. 

Abejarucos is a game to learn more about the wonderful world of bees. Did you know that thanks to bees, many plants and trees can continue to reproduce each year? Did you know that there is a bird that feeds on bees called bee-eater? Did you know that bees dance for their mates to tell them where to find pollen? With Abejarucos you will become an expert dancing bee!

The Journey (Digital)

The Journey is a printable set made of a travel diary, a world map, action cards and a lot of stickers to make your imaginary trip around the world. A journey you won’t forget!

This set will allow you to make an imaginary trip around the world during the whole school year. Each person will record an imaginary adventure in the travel journey and choose a destiny for the next traveller. You will have a map and different stickers to flag the places you visited, action cards with unexpected turns to create fun travel stories, and visa stickers to document your travel journey.

Time Capsule

A Time Capsule to record your future learning wishes, stow away and uncover your progress. The perfect start for a new school year or project!



Each set has 1 envelope, 2 stickers, 3 A4 sheets y 1 A3 sheet. With this you will be able to make a time capsule, a spacecraft and a landing runway. Write down what you wish to learn and interesting things about yourself. Hide your Time Capsule in a secret place for a while... and then open it again. Did you get bigger? Is spinach pizza still your favorite food? What did you learn in this time?

Printed on recycled paper. ​

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